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American Duchess on Patreon

Dec 27, 2018 0 comments

Hi Lovelies! I have some big news - we are now on Patreon ! Patreon is a way to support creators with small monthly contributions th...

My 1830s Bonnet

Dec 20, 2018 6 comments

In the quest to be ever huger in our 1830s attire, the Gigot Girl Gang™ chose a variety of headgear to top off each of our ensembles. Mag...

Holiday Shipping Dates

Dec 18, 2018 0 comments

Just a quick "PSA" post - these are the last days to place USA orders for delivery by December 25th:

My Ghosts of Dickens Fairs Past

Dec 17, 2018 5 comments

This year will be my first visit to Dickens Fair in San Francisco in many years, and I'm *excited.* I've been to Dickens many time...

1833 Plaid Dress - Sleeves!

Dec 14, 2018 1 comments

Museum of FIT - go big or go home! The best part about early 1830s gowns, in my opinion, is the sleeves, of course! Big, huge, mega gigo...

1833 Plaid Dickens Dress - Progress!

Dec 4, 2018 10 comments

Abby and I think these gowns look rather like 1950s evening gowns before the sleeves go on and ruin everything! More 1830s goodness! All...

An 1833-ish Dickens Fair Gown!

Nov 28, 2018 1 comments

#goals I have had an inexplicable love affair with the early 1830s for many years now, but it's never been satiated....until NOW! ...

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