The American Duchess Historical Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Nov 26, 2018 3 comments
Happy Holidays! Welcome to our big mega huge list of holiday gifts for the historical costumers in your life (or yourself!). This year we have lots and lots of goodies to recommend to you. All of the links are numbered below each image. Enjoy!

American Duchess Historical Shoes, Boots, and Accessories (of course!)

*Receive a discount on all stockings and buckles when you order them with shoes.

Historical Costuming Books, Courses, and Classes 

Fabrics & Trims!


Undies Ready-Made

Millinery Goodies



Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. We receive a small commission when you use these Amazon and Etsy links.


  1. Lots of these are going on my wishlist!!!

  2. Awesome guide!! Thanks for including Colonial Williamsburg reproduction fabrics!

  3. Awesome post.Thanks For share this post wit us.The urge to boost our physical look with Boho jewelry is unchanged. each doable a part of our body is adorned with jewellery, be it ear rings for the ears, anklets String Bracelet ankles or neckpieces for the necks.


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