Spring2019 – A New Pattern for Simplicity – 1790s Gown and Open Robe!

Ann Frankland Lewis – 1794. LACMA

I’m excited to officially announce that we’ve developed another new historical dress pattern for Simplicity!

Since first partnering with Simplicity several years ago I’ve learned so much about developing patterns for the commercial world. It’s *so* different than making patterns for one’s self or a niche group and trying to do historical dress patterns for mass printing has been a particularly big challenge.

We’ve had our ups and downs, certainly – all part of the learning experience. I’m pleased that, with this knowledge and experience, I can now work out the kinks more effectively and produce better patterns.

Emily Seriziat, 1795, Jacques Louis David.

This time around, with the growing interest in the 1790s, and the ongoing love affair with Jane Austen and the turn of the 19th century, I’m working on a late ’90s round gown + open robe.

This pattern will be very easy for beginners and offer easy adjustments in its design. There is no tricky stayed-waist fitment, no confusing-and-required period construction, and the results should be flattering and elegant to everyone. As always, there will be machine-sewing instructions in the pattern envelope, but you can easily and quickly put together the garments using the hand-sewing techniques in “The American Duchess Guide.”

Gown, French. 1795-1800. via

The pattern will be out in the Spring 2019 Simplicity pattern book, which gives plenty of time to make the gown and/or robe for Summer Jane Austen and late 18th century events. <3

If you’d like to see all the patterns we’ve done with Simplicity, visit the “Books & Patterns” section on our website.

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