Podcast Episode 23: Cheyney McKnight on African Hair and Headwraps

Hi Everyone!

Abby here with another episode of Fashion History with American Duchess. This episode has been long overdue, and we’re so incredibly excited to share it with you! Last spring, we met up with the lovely Cheyney McKnight of Not Your Mommas History to discuss African and African American Hair, Headwraps, etc. in the 18th and 19th centuries.

As always, Cheyney is a wealth of knowledge, and we were completely blown away by her story telling and information. Just a fair warning, I get really emotional at one particular part in this episode.

During the episode, you’ll notice that Cheyney discusses quite a few images, and you’ll find them below:

An Overseer doing his duty near Fredricksburg, Virginia by Benjamin Henry Latrobe. Ca. 1798, Maryland Historical Society 
The Old Plantation, John Rose, 1785, CWF, 1935.301.3

Free Women of Color with their Children and Servants in a Landscape, oil on canvas painting by Agostino Brunias, ca. 1764-1796,  Brooklyn Museum 
Free West Indian Dominicans, Agostino Brunais, c. 1770, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Marguerite-Urbane Deurbroucq by Pierre-Bernard Morlot, 1753, Musée de l’Histoire de Nantes

Miss Breme Jones, 1785-87, John Rose, 2008.300.1, CWF
Thank you so much for listening and we’ll see you next time!

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