V313: 1740s Riding Habit Set-Backs

Ever have one of those days where every bit of sewing you do has to be undone?

As it turns out, my wrapped and couched buttonholes *looked* nice, but didn’t hold up to functionality.  By the third time I buttoned the jacket, the wrapped card was looking pretty shabs, and on one, the card inside tore, and the wrapped threads came unfurled…then a stream of curse words and pouting.


I’m removing all the wrapped buttonhole decoration – I will use it for some pretty thing in the future that doesn’t take any stress – and replacing it with silver cording and silver trim, closer to the inspiration ensemble in Marie Antoinette:

The other issue I had is that the whole thing was just a litttttle too tight, and the back panels need to be re-cut.  Luckily I have plenty of extra fabric for such shenanigans, but it’s still just one of those things that has to be done over.



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