Podcast Episode 21: Jenny Tiramani & Patterns of Fashion 5 Book Release, Part 1

Hi Everyone!

Hooray! A new podcast episode! This week’s episode has Lauren and I sitting down with the incredible Jenny Tiramani from the School of Historical Dress, to discuss their newest publication Patterns of Fashion 5: The content, cut, construction and context of bodies, stays, hoops and rumps c.1595-1795 which is available for Pre-Order now! (and at the time that I wrote this — they have just over 1000 copies left, so…yeah, get on that y’all. You’re going to want this book)

We’ve already pre-ordered our copies — and we’re *so* excited!

In addition to discussing the publication (and future books), we also got to hear Jenny’s wonderful story of how she inherited the Janet Arnold collection and archive, her inspiring career journey, and more! We had such a great time chatting with her, that we ended up going on for over 2 hours, which means that we ended up breaking up our interview into 2 parts! Tune in next week for the final installment with Jenny.

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