Episode 22: Part 2 with Jenny Tiramani from the School of Historical Dress

Oct 12, 2018 4 comments

Hi Again!

Abby here, fulfilling my promise from last week that we were going to release the second part of our conversation with the incredible Jenny Tiramani.

This week's episode is just a continuation of what we were discussing last week, and some great details about future books from the School of Historical Dress (omg sooo excited!), and just other lovely goodness.

So sit back, relax, and have a listen!

Oh! And for the love of everything good and educated --- buy Patterns of Fashion 5 now! Only a few more weeks until we can get our hands on it -- hooray!

Until next time (hopefully next week, cause woo boy, do I have a lot of podcasts to publish!)



  1. Is it eventually going to be available through Book Depository? Living in New Zealand means that getting books shipped from the US or UK tends to be super expensive. Of course at the moment I can't check shipping since it's out of stock on their website

  2. Man, you guys got to see stuff over Skype, not fair!!!


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