Podcast Episode 24: Abby & Lauren's Top 5 Costuming Books

Nov 1, 2018 5 comments
Hey Everyone!

We're back with a new quick little episode of the podcast, where Lauren and I chat about our top 5 costuming books. While it's difficult to pick favorites, we did our best (even though Lauren cheated a little bit...hahahahaha).

A small sample of Abby's book collection

Our Favorite Books (in no particular order):

1. Kyoto's Costume Book(s)
2. Norah Waugh's Cut of Women's Clothes
3. Nancy Bradfield's Costume in Detail
4. Norah Waugh's Corsets and Crinolines
5. Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion
6. Florence Montgomery's Textiles in America
7. Jean Hunnisett's Period Costume for Stage and Screen

If you want to see everything that is in Lauren's library click Here.

We hope that you enjoy this episode, as we recorded it with new microphones and I battleaxed my way (more like stumbled) through Adobe Audition...so hopefully the issues with sound have improved. I'm not a professional and I'm very much a beginner with this software, but I do hope it has helped!

Until next time!


  1. Thrift Books often has these for much less then Amazon.

  2. After listening to your episode I picked up a copy of "The Cut of Women's Clothes" in new condition for 48€, what a steal! And it's so full of good information, thank you for pointing the book out.

  3. Thank You so much for this podcast! After listening to this episode I started looking around for books and found a copy of The Cut of Women's Clothes for $70. Taking your advice I immediately bought it and am happy to report it arrived today! I can't wait to sit down and read through it.

  4. Thank you so much for this podcast. Very enjoyable, and informative.


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