Simplicity Patterns Now Available on

Hi! This is just a quick announcement to let you know that we now have all of our American Duchess Simplicity costume patterns available at, woo!

You’ll find Simplicity 8161 and 8162, our first patterns for the 18th century inspired bodice, gown, petticoat, and stomacher; and the chemise, bum pad, and stays.

Simplicity 8161 and 8162 available on

Also available in Simplicity 8411 for the 18th century inspired robe de cour gown with the fully boned bodice, full skirt, and very large side hoops.

Simplicity 8411 available on

Lastly, Simplicity 8578 and 8579 are available, starring Abby in the Robe a la Francaise from “The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking,” and a full set of historically accurate 18th century underpinnings (shift, stays, and side hoops) to get you started. Remember, you can use the patterns with the machine sewing instructions OR use the instructions in our book to make the gown, petticoat, and hoops by hand using 18th century methods.

Simplicity 8578 and 8579 available on

We’ve added some nice combo deals – get a discount when you order patterns together, and also enjoy a little discount when you order the patterns with our book.

Insider Information – we may be adding another Simplicity pattern to the lineup early next year, woo! 

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