1790 Redingote Inspiration and Percolation

Redingote, c. 1790, LACMA M2009.120

Friends, I haven’t wanted to sew for awhile. Burn-out is a real thing, especially failing miserably on the last two 18th century gowns I tried to make (the irony). So I’m giving myself a break (in France) and letting the inspiration rekindle whenever it likes.

That being said, while I don’t want to touch a needle and thread right this moment, I am thinking of new garments I’d like to make for next year. We have two trips/events planned for next year that will need some 18th century clothes, and with a grand total of two ensembles that still fit me (and you’re all sick of that yellow dress, I know), it’s time for something new.

I have a lot of fabric I’ve been marinating. One is an olive and buff striped taffeta that feels like a striped redingote. I made a redingote for my wedding gown 5 years ago and have always loved the style, so perhaps it’s time for another.

Bless you, LACMA, for the many high resolution photos of this dress! Redingote, c. 1790, LACMA, M.2009.120

My silk isn’t as interesting and varied as that used for the LACMA redingote, but it’s reminiscent.

Wouldn’t we love to stumble upon a silk like this someday? For now I have much simpler striped taffeta that will have to suffice. Redingote, c. 1790, LACMA, M.2009.120

LACMA published a gridded pattern for this garment a few years ago here. There is a PDF download with notes as well as the grid, which will be hugely helpful in draping and patterning.

I’ll be sure to post progress photos as I go along later this year. <3

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