American Duchess Weekend SALE!

It’s that wonderful time of year when things go on sale, like, everywhere. EVERYWHERE!

This year we have these goodies for you….

Dunmore 18th Century Shoes in Black Wool with Fleur Buckles – ON SALE for $120

Dunmore 18th Century Shoes in black wool – $120 ($155)

Dashwood Regency Slipps in tan/brown – also in black/black – ON SALE for $75

Dashwood Regency Slippers in black or tan – $75 ($99)

Amelie Edwardian Pumps in silver satin – also sky blue satin – ON SALE for $99

Amelie Edwardian Pumps in sky blue or silver satin – $99 ($120)

Stratford Renaissance Shoes in red – ON SALE for $160

Stratford Renaissance Shoes in red – $160 ($190)

Imperfects! – Shoes that don’t meet our strict quality standards. We never have many of these, but they’re a mad steal if we happen to have your size!

Combo Deals on Buckles, Stockings, Button Hooks, and other Accessories. Buy a pair of shoes with stockings or buckles and receive a nice discount. Also enjoy bundle-perks on sewing patterns and books, woo!

FREE Shipping, Returns*, and Exchanges on all USA orders. Shoes can be difficult to purchase online, especially as a gift, so don’t worry – you can return and exchange shoes for free within 60 days.

Check out the SALE section and all the other goodies at

*Return your order for store credit for free, or return for a cash refund back to your card or paypal account for a $6.95 shipping fee.

I’m dreaming of a pair of beautiful pink 18th century shoes….
The sale lasts through Monday, November 26th
Don’t miss it!

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