PRE-ORDER Exclusive #3 – “Cicero” 1920s Pumps

These days we modernes can be pretty reserved with our shoes, but back in the 1920s, the flashier the better.

Legs were on show and dancing was all the rage, with bugle beads flying and shining footwear kicking furiously to the Charleston all night long.

Dreaming of these wild Gatsby parties, I’m so pleased to introduce to you the next American Duchess Exclusive, “Cicero,” the perfect strappy Jazz Age pumps, available in three popular colors: Citrine (gold), Onyx (black), and Sterling (silver) like the originals.

“Cicero” in Sterling

The Cicero Specs:

  • Imported Indian silk brocade
  • Gilt leather trim
  • Leather lining
  • Leather soling
  • Swarovski crystal button closure

They promise to be the most flamboyant shoes we’ve yet made, and will be extremely limited and unique.

Cicero is available by order only
February 23rd – March 2nd

“Cicero” in Onyx

This is a limited run – as with all our Exclusives, we will only make as many pairs of Cicero as are ordered during the pre-order period. We will *not* make Cicero again!*

*Customers who order Cicero can return them for a refund or exchange them should they need a different size. Customers who exchange will retain their number (ex: 2/10), while the returned shoes will lose their number and be sold as dead stock. Returned shoes not exchanged will retain their number and be sold as dead stock. Exclusives sold as dead stock will never be discounted, but shoes returned with defects may be re-sold as Imperfects, un-numbered, at a discount.

“Cicero” in Citrine

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