V86: Marie Antoinette in Prison

Being sick is like feeling close to death, sometimes.  That is me, today, and I’m in a morbid mood, hence my blog post.  These are depictions of Marie Antoinette in prison, in mourning for her decapitated husband, and surely how far she’d fallen, too.

Marie Antoinette in 1791, painted by Alexandre Kucharski 
Marie Antoinette Imprisoned in the Conciergerie The Marquise de Bréhan c. 1793-95 
A modern wax figurine portrait, via
Alexandre Kucharski, portrait of Marie Antoinette in Prison 
Anonymous (French), Marie Antoinette in the Temple Prison in 1793, painting. Musée Carnavalet 

I thought this black gown by Aristocat stunning when I saw it the first time, then as I read more about the end of Marie Antoinette’s life, her attire during that time, I find it haunting and beautiful.  So seldom do we see black gowns of this simplicity depicted in our world of costuming:

The Aristocat on Livejournal – via


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