On the Third Day of Christmas...

Dec 15, 2011 4 comments
My True Love Gave to Me....

I hope you like these little doodles I've been doing.  I've been enjoying painting them, although I'm getting a little worried for the 8 maids and 10 lords and 12 drummers, eek!

So now there are only 10 days until Christmas!  There is still time to order Devonshires, and Georgianas (10% off) and have them arrive by December 25th.

You can also still order Pemberlies and the 18th century shoe buckles, for arrival in January - belated Christmas gifts, but better late than never :-)

A pair of red Pemberley Regency shoes with black rosette and tassel shoe clips - easy to make yourself, and adds a whole new look to a pair of versatile Pembs.
And, of course, Gift Certificates are available - instant delivery, for any amount, and can be used forever on anything. :-)


  1. Love the paintings, Christmas cards for next year maybe? :)

  2. Wow- your paintings are gorgeous!
    The shoe clips are marvelous! I want to decorate my shoes like that! :-D

  3. Your paintings are great! How big are they? I can't wait to see the rest!

  4. Thanks ladies :-) MrsC, I should get some printed to be ready for sending out next year. I've been doing these just one a day, so I don't have the whole collection yet.

    A - I paint digitally, so there is no specific size, just full resolution.


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