1920s Flashy Dancing Shoes

Shiny shiny was big in the 1920s. Legs and shoes were on display more than ever, with flashy footwear being all the rage for an evening of vigorous dancing.

Style influences as old as Ancient Egypt and as fresh as Art Deco were making their mark on fashion, with designers producing incredibly glamorous and exotic evening attire that shimmered and sparkled in low-light clubs.

Shoes with luxurious fabrics, lacquered and rhinestoned heels, crystal buckles, and gilt leather motifs paired perfectly with these extravagant nighttime looks. Here’s a look at some original Jazz Age shoes that make our modern high heels pale in comparison!

Bata Shoe Museum – via
Original from Ruby Lane but have been removed
Shoe Icons
Shoe Icons

Vintage Textile – the original source for “Cicero”
Teh Met, 1926-33

The gold shoe just above is from my personal collection of antique shoes. This pair was made by I.Miller, the leading manufacturer of footwear for Hollywood and Broadway dancers. Interestingly, I acquired another pair of I.Miller shoe made with the same fabric design, but in a bronze colorway, but didn’t realize it until I had both shoes sitting next to each other. It always amazes me when two of the same items by the same maker survive this long and find each other. I wonder what lives these two pairs have lead?

For a whole bunch more dapper flapper shoe inspiration, check out my 1920s Shoes Pinterest Board.
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