V345: Finished 1880 "Lobster Tail" Bustle

V344: And Now To Make a Lobster Tail

V343: Costumer's Christmas Swag

V342: 1930s Christmas Dress, Decades of Style #3007

V340: 1930s Christmas Dress, "Green Acres" Gown Progress, and a Flippin' Button Hook

V338: Green Acres Bustle Gown Skirt Progress

V337: Bustle Decoration Inspiration

V336: The Geneva Hand Fluter - Experiments

V335: eBay Find of the Year: Antique Button Boots...That FIT!

V334: My 2012 Costuming Year in Review

V333: Precious Things: Early 19th Century Slippers

V332: New Project: Giant "Green Acres" Bustle Gown