V340: 1930s Christmas Dress, “Green Acres” Gown Progress, and a Flippin’ Button Hook

It’s Christmas Eve!  Yeeeeeeee!  Aside from running around buying last minute gifts and groceries, it’s a great day off to get a little sewing in.

I finished my 1930s Christmas dress, and can’t wait to wear it tomorrow.  It looks TERRIB on the hanger (as do all my other ’30s frocks), but really cute worn – I’ll take pictures to share.  I was really pleased with the pattern – Decades of Style 3007 “Button Dress,” – although I did have to take it in quite a bit at the side seams (better than having to let it out, right?).  I’ll do a pattern review later…

’30s dresses seem to have so little hanger appeal…

I’ve also been applying trims to the Green Acres Bustle Gown underskirt foundation.  I’ve still not sewn up the side seam of the skirt, thank goodness – makes it much easier to put the trims on, of which there are many.

Trim Trimminy Trim Trimminy Trim Trim Taroo…

Currently I’ve got two applied and one pinned (the flutes).  I have a horizontal swag to go on top of the flutes, and I’m also thinking there needs to be another pleat or ruffle-somethin’ between the deep pleats and the second tier ruffle-puff, just at the back.

Planning an expansion…

Once the skirt is complete, it’s on to the overskirt, yay!

And finally….FINALLY…I’ve put in an order for button hooks.

Don’tcha want me, baby? Don’tcha want me, ooooh?

I had these made from an original, and have had the darndest time finding a manufacturer to create them, primarily because of the stainless steel + cast handle construction, and also because we’re not ordering, like, 10,000 of them.  If you’ve purchased Tavistock Button Boots, and you don’t already have a button hook, you’ll want one of these.  They’re not in the shop yet, but I’ll make a big flap when they are…


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