V329: Inspiring 1930s Frocks

I admit, I haven’t been very good about my “Vintage365” blog-a-day.  I’ve been fallin’ down on the job (but only because I’m so dang busy with everything else!).

Anywho, I’m working on a 1930s Holiday Dress, and thought it’d be fun to take a gander at some lovely 1930s outfits.  I am using the Decades of Style “Button Dress” pattern I bought at Costume College.  I haven’t made the pattern before, but so-far-so-good, although I have taken it in considerably at the side-seams.  Here is my concept sketch-up:

My plaid is much larger than I’ve drawn it here.  I’ve used a really lightweight cotton for the sleeves, and have been kicking around the idea of gathering them onto a band, to turn them into little puff sleeves instead of butterfly sleeves (just my style preference).  I will post pictures of the finished item later.

For now, here are some other 1930s dresses…

Via – this is an original pattern similar to Wearing History’s “Moderne”


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