V331: Steampunkery at the Sparks Hometowne Christmas Parade

This past Saturday our local Steampunk club, “High Desert Steam,” marched in the Sparks Hometowne Christmas Parade.  There was a great turnout, complete with horses, dogs, armed children, the Urban Assault Vehicle, and the Nautilus, an otherworldly Steampunk creation made by Bentley Biofuls.

I didn’t take many pictures because I suck, but here are a few of my snaps…

Angie, Chris, and Isabel.  Angie will be modeling for American Duchess in an upcoming Victorian themed shoot .
The Nautilus, in all its glory.
The water harpoon on the back of the Nautilus.  The attention to detail inside and out is amazing, right down to the tiny brass barnacles riding on the nose.
Mary’s sad face when she found out they put anise in root beer….but also, how about those goggles and that necklace?


  • Unknown

    December 11, 2012 at 6:21 PM

    Wth?? What's up with all the bullying hateful comments? Was not expecting that 🙁 looks like that was a fun event. I really admire you, Lauren! I totally spotted you at the sf dickens faire that sun, but wasn't sure it was you. Awesome costumes, as always.

    • Lauren R

      December 11, 2012 at 7:00 PM

      Hi Kathleen – I've deleted those nasty comment. Thank you for your kind words – please come say hi next time we are at the same event! I love meeting fellow costumers in-person. 🙂


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