V343: Costumer’s Christmas Swag

Some of the lovely, lovely items I received for Christmas…

Costume books! The one beneath is an illustrated shoe reference guide – good stuff!
A lovely beaded 1920s style purse.  I’ve been sorely in need of one.  Also, a feather hair clip adornment.  Feathers are always welcome ๐Ÿ™‚
More costume/history books! I can’t wait to read “Plumes,” all about the history of the feather industry.  Beneath is “Circus,” a Taschen feast-for-the-eyes full of beautiful photos and artwork.
A set of French curves.  I don’t know how to use these yet, but I shall learn! I know they are handy for pattern drafting.

What lovely costume/history/geek things did you get for the Holidays?


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