V333: Precious Things: Early 19th Century Slippers

I’ve been spending way too much time on eBay, building the American Duchess Historical Footwear collection … out of real historic footwear!  My latest acquisitions …

This single shoe is quite precious, with a ribbon rosette on the high vamp, and wide ribbons hand-stitched to the sides, to tie up around the ankle.

This slipper dates c. 1815-30.  It is straight-lasted, completely hand-sewn, and exhibits the sole shape, seaming, and vamp length typical of this period.  I am honored to have this lovely creature in my collection!

The second shoe is from a later date, c. 1830-50.

She has the characteristic square toe, straight last and narrow arch on the sole, plus evidence of now-lost, very narrow shoe strings that would have tied around the ankles.

I adore both of these little beauties!  They were both wedding shoes, made of white silk, lined with linen, and bound in galloon.  The square-toed flat has a kid leather insole, and both examples have quite thin leather outsoles.  I am imagining reproductions in dyeable white satin….. 🙂


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