V334: My 2012 Costuming Year in Review

Several lovely costume bloggers are doing their years-in-review posts, and I thought I’d jump on board.  I think it’s easy to forget just how much sewing we all do, over the course of a year.  Here are my finished pieces (because nevermind the pile of UFOs stuffed in closets, under the couch, and possible even in the trash) from 2012…

A 16th c. simple, blue, wool-ish kirtle from “The Tudor Tailor

1730-50 Traveling Dress/ Riding Habit from Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 1

A 1790s Gaulle mock-up based on a gown in “The Duchess
” :

A 1780s Indienne print robe a l’Anglaise, part of the “Curtain-Along” project:

A 1770s Robe a l’Anglaise I dubbed the “Parisian Gown” :

A Regency Spencer jacket:

An 1850s bodice to go with an older skirt:

An 1860s gown remodel – I didn’t make the overall gown in 2012, but I refashioned the bodice significantly:

An 1890s Vaudeville costume with the theme of the Nevada flag:

A 1912 Evening Gown (with awesome Chrissy in red/orange):

1912 Daywear (I made the hat and skirt, but the blouse is vintage):

A 1930s “Vintage Vogue” summer dress:

A pair of wide-legged 1930s/40s trousers:

A brown 1950s dress from a vintage pattern:

Yeesh!  And now onward to 2013 and all the new costumes planned and un-planned!


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