V345: Finished 1880 “Lobster Tail” Bustle

I finished off my electric blue “lobster tail” tournure this morning, and I’m really happy with the result!  I took lots of photos of the construction, so I will write a tutorial soon, but for now, here is the finished thing:

The whole thing is made out of this weird glazed batiste stuff I had in the stash.  I was having trouble imagining it as a dress, but I hate waste, so it has become this obnoxiously blue bustle.

With the help of lovely Elizabeth L., and looking at some of the extant tails from The Met, I worked out a simple 3-piece pattern I will show you later.  Also, special thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday’s post, and on Facebook, with so many helpful tips!

The tail uses 7 bones, tied across inside with twill tapes.  There are buttons on the 2nd tier up that will serve for attaching another ruffle, for even more floof.

Here is the effect this bustle gives beneath the Green Acres underskirt, with one petticoat to support:

This could do with another petticoat and that additional ruffle on the bustle, to help it kick out even more in back, while keeping the nice straight, bulk-free front.

Tomorrow I shall endeavor to share how I made the tail, so stay tuned 🙂


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