V212: Georgian Hair Hopping

Chris and I did a photo shoot the other night, for the clocked stockings pre-sale coming up in a couple days. I wore my new “Parisian Gown,” and wanted to do a trial run of some high hair, before Costume College.

The front, powdered lightly with corn starch, using a large makeup brush.  You can’t see a distinct grey color, but the powder helps to blend your real hair with extension hair.

I went all out with the teasing comb, and when it wasn’t high enough, I added more hair on top.

I want to convey just how awesome and useful hair rats are.  For some stupid reason I have avoided them up until now, but really, they make *all* the difference in forming 18th century rolls.  They’re easy to make too!  Just purchase some of that super-cheap braid hair from the beauty supply shop, and then scriggle it up between your hands until you have a little ball ofhair.  Make a bunch, then start your rolls with them.  You can pin into them, and they’re invisible.  Yay!

Some of this is real hair, some of it isn’t.

So a quick rundown of this style –

1. Curl your hair before you start.  Having a little curl helps with body and forming into rolls.
2. Section your hair into 3 parts – front, crown (back/top of head), and back.
3. Tease the bejeezles out of the crown section, then roll forward over either bump-its, or a huge rat.  Pin.
4. With your snazzy new small rats, roll the back section of your hair into two or three rolls, stacked atop one another, up the back of your head.
5. Tease the front section of your hair and smooth it up and back.  Spray everything as you go along.
6. If your hair just isn’t high enough, add a switch or half-wig to the top of your hair, and work it into several rolls, again with the rats.
7.  If you want a tail out the back or side, either pull some of your own hair out, at the nape of your neck, with a rat-tail comb, and curl it, or clip in an extension piece.
8.  Add flowers, birds, feathers, lace cappy things, pearls, whatever you like to finish the look.

Don’t forget to pin at will and spray everything to keep it in place!

The back.  I added roses where there was a break between the front pouf and the back rolls.


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