V111: Costume Painting, Week 2, at Nevada Museum of Art

Apr 20, 2012 1 comments

Last night was the second session of the costume painting open studio at the Nevada Museum of Art.  Our model was Jeff, wearing a "Burning Man/Steampunk/Mardi Gras/Carnie/Jester" outfit.  It was colorful, and he took a great pose, 3 hours in total.  I really enjoyed painting him.

I liked this angle, but the lights in the classroom were reflecting off my screen.  Annoying.  I'll have to find a dark corner somewhere, next time.
Here's Jeff.  He looked far more noble in his pose than I depicted him. I was imagining a character of "an indignant carnie" or some such.


  1. You got the face just right...really hard to do. You are multitalented!


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