V110: Pink Jackets of the 18th Century

…I want one.  I want it to be patterned taffeta-silky-something.



Okay, I know it’s a polonaise, but let’s just say it counts 🙂 ; 1775, Killerton, Devon, Nat’l Trust
1784 portrait of princess Louise Augusta by Jens Juel; Although probably a gown, I’m going to pretend it’s a jacket.  The white an green bows fill me with glee!
pierrot, 1785, French The Met; one of my favorite pieces of all time.
Journal des Luxus, 1789; Dames a la Mode; This is weird, sure, but it’s pink and delightfully eccentric.
Gallerie des Modes, 1782; Dames a la Mode
Gallerie des Modes; 1780; a polonaise jacket.  Dames a la Mode
IMATEX – can’t access the original listing, but I’m guessing 1790s for this one.  Gorgeous!
Caraco, Nat’l Trust, 1780-90, Snowshill collection.  That is PINK.  And I love the lining too 🙂

Pink was a popular color in the second half of the 18th century, although we don’t have many extant examples of jackets in this color.  There doesn’t seem to be all that many fashion plates showing pink jackets either, although pink gowns abound.

That’s not going to stop me!


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