V9: 1912 “Titanic” Edwardian Gown Design

After much deliberation, and some fiddling around with beaded net fabric, I’ve come up with my design.

It’s a combination of these two:

Janet Arnold’s drawing of the Laurel dress, on the left, and an illustration from a 1912 Vogue, on the right.

Click “Read More” to see my design sketch, fabric, and shoes…

Here is my design sketch:

Here is a terrible photo of my fabric.  This is a lovely, drapey, plum-colored net with silver beading.  It was love at first sight, and I especially adore the scalloped edges.  My plan is to use the scalloped edge on both the hem of the over dress and the top of the bodice.

just pinned on over an almost-finished 50s dress

It’s a simple design – silky, charmeuse stuff for the under dress, then the net over it, hanging loose from the waist, but mounted to a fairly structured bodice.  the dress closes at the side by way of hook & eye placket, or snaps, or both.  The sash matches the under dress; the sleeves are the net, with silver claspy somethings holding the joins.

And, of course, tassels.

There must be tassels.

You probably all know what shoes I’m planning to wear, but I want to make my Astorias metallic silver (yee!) using the awesome silver Meltonian spray, or the metallic Angelus paints.

Astorias in silver, please!

More to come!


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