V15: “Astoria” Shoe Pre-Order Now Open

Okay, everything is ready.  You can now go and order your Astoria Edwardian Shoes:

Most of you know the deal – we need a certain number of pre-orders to run this style.  We’re doing two colors – ebony and ivory – so the minimum for us this time is 120 pre-orders.

Please use all the pictures you need and help support Astoria.  Blog, tweet, facebook, tumble, pin, and tell your friends!  Lots of photos can be found here.  More information about Astoria is here.

Ordering & Shipping

  • Pre-Order is January 16 through February 3
  • Pre-orders receive 20% off the regular price
  • US orders will receive their shoes in early April (possibly before).
  • International orders, please use Priority Shipping or Express Shipping to ensure your shoes get to you as quickly as they can.  First Class mail can take two to four weeks to reach you, and is not trackable.

Why Are We Ordering So Early?
It may seem like April is a long way off, but the Astoria order is happening now due to Chinese New Year.  In China, where our shoes are manufactured, nearly all businesses take a one month long break.  This is known as “Spring Festival.”  Our shoes normally take about 6 weeks to manufacture, so add this to the 4 week holiday, and that puts our delivery time in mid-March, with delivery to you at the end of March, early April.

Okay, Ladies, go for it!  Thank you again for supporting the Historical Shoe line!


  • Salvia

    January 17, 2012 at 4:42 PM

    I ordered a pair in white yesterday. Can´t wait to try them on. Now I really have to work on my 1914 dress. Fortunately it´s still a while till April. In the meantime I can watch Downtown Abbey to dream about the shoes.

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