V8: Bring On the Edwardians…

1911, the Met

As much as I adore musing (or tearing my hair out) over 1770s costume ideas, fabrics, and plans, there are more pressing matters to attend to.

The first “big” costume of 2012 for me, as for many  of you, is the 1912 Titanic Centennial gown.  If you are a member of the Facebook group “The Unsinkables,” you know we’ve been posting images likes crazy. (Join The Unsinkables if you haven’t already!).

I want to share with you some of my favorite inspiration gowns that are influencing my design.  My color scheme is purple, as I’ve already found a gorgeous plum-colored beaded net.  It’s time to decide on a design…

From Vogue, April 1912.  I like the simplicity of this, and it really shows off the overlay
Plaza Gown Parlors, evening gown, 1911-12.
Callot Sœurs (France, Paris, circa 1890 – circa 1950) Woman’s Evening Dress, circa 1912
French evening dress, 1910.
Herbert Luey, evening dress, 1912.
Callot Soeurs | c. 1910-14 . One of my most favorite gowns of all time
Love the Indian fabrics on this.  Me netting is a bit Indian-inspired, something like this might work.
1912 evening gown, Brooklyn Museum. Another of my most adored.
Lina Cavaliere, 1910s

Then of course there’s this, we’re all familiar with:

Janet Arnold’s “Laurel Dress” pattern.

I, at this point, have almost no plan.  I want the net to be a hanging overlay, like with the Laurel dress.  I like everything about the Laurel dress, in fact, but I don’t want to be one in a crowd of Laurel dresses.  Perhaps more butterfly sleeves instead of tight?   A design will present itself soon 🙂


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