Where to Buy American Duchess Shoes in Europe

American Duchess “Bertie” 18th c to Regency flats

PSA: We have two great retailers in Europe who offer a selection of our shoes for sale. Currently BOTH of them are doing a pre-order for the new Spring 2019 styles.

In the UK:

Rags & Jags Mercantile – UK

Jalea of Rags & Jags offers both American Duchess and Royal Vintage styles on her website. You can pre-order Albert and Bertie as well as both colors of Emma Regency Boots here.

Several other AD styles from different periods are also available.
Visit Rags & Jags on Facebook.

La Rose Passementarie – Europe

Shari is currently offering Albert and Hamilton men’s styles along with Schuyler, Bertie, Garrick, Follies, Emma Regency Boots, and the new Bernhardt Victorian Theatrical Boots. These are all pre-order items here.

Many other AD styles from different periods are also available.
Visit La Rose Passementarie on Facebook.

Schuyler women’s flat 18th century latchet shoes with Trianon rhinestone buckles.

Ordering in Europe

There are many benefits to ordering shoes from either Rags & Jags or La Rose Passementarie. The first is that returns and exchanges are possible and affordable. It’s important to note that American Duchess here in the USA can’t do international exchanges. By ordering through our European vendors, you can avoid the costly international shipping.

Another very important aspect is that the import duties, sales taxes, and handling fees are already paid FOR you. Yes, the prices in GBP or Euro are higher than the USD prices shown on AmericanDuchess.com but the USA website does *not include* international shipping cost, import duties, sales taxes, or package handling fees. Ordering from either of our European vendors IS cheaper than ordering from American Duchess directly.

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