Where to Buy American Duchess Shoes in Europe

UPDATE – November 2021

It’s taken us a decade or so, but we FINALLY have a European website! Huzzah!

If you are in the EU or non-EU member state such as the UK, Norway, and Switzerland, you can now shop, ship, return, and exchange all from our new warehouse in the Netherlands. Gone are the horrific taxes and duties for Europeans ordering from the States.

The prices for EU customers shopping on the Euro website include VAT, so there are no additional charges or hidden costs. For UK, Norway, Switzerland, and other non-EU member states, we collect taxes and duty in checkout and you’ll have no additional charges when your shoes are delivered.

We’re very, very excited to finally get this site launched. Enjoy!

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  • leontien

    October 24, 2021 at 12:36 PM


    I was wondering if you will add another European retailer for American Duchess in Europe. La Rose Passementarie has stopped selling shoes and the UK based Rags & Jags Mercantile does not ship to Europe after Brexit happend (VAT issues).
    I really hope that a shop in central Europe will be available to us!

    Greetings from Holland,

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