1830s Corset Inspiration & Research

Aug 30, 2016 1 comments
Hello Lovelies -

So I'm plugging away on my 1830s corset, and all seems to be going to plan...which is good seeing as how when I picked up my needle and thread yesterday to start sewing it became glaringly obvious to me that it's been a whole month since I've sewn anything and I could totally tell. Bleh.

Messy stitches are messy.

Most displeased.

Anyways, instead of whining about how unhappy I am with my sewing (cause that's boring to read about & a bit of a mood killer) I figured I would post some photos from my Pinterest board to show you all my inspo for everything. I haven't fully decided on a cording pattern yet, but I should have enough embroidery floss in my arsenal to really go to town on this bad boy. So we'll see....

Oh! Also - before I forget - if you don't follow American Duchess on Instagram  you totally should! We've been posting in the 'story' section of our profile pretty regularly & that's where we've been putting quite a few videos and images of Lauren & mine's sewing projects...just in case you're interested... :)

Part of Plate 11, Workwoman's Guide, 1838
1810-40, Philadelphia Museum of Art

1820-39, MeT

1820s, Meg Andrews 

c. 1830s, MFA Boston, 46.88a

1830-1835, MeT, 2009.300.2892a, b
1820-40s, Vintage Textile 
Alright lovelies - that's it for now!

<3 <3


  1. I love the blue stitching on the second-to-last one.


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