1960s Emma Peel - My First Cosplay Ever

Sep 2, 2016 20 comments

Lauren here -

I've never considered myself a "cosplayer." I have trouble reproducing costume and clothing, by which I mean I don't stick to a given design very well. I wander off and do my own thing and add my own touches, both with historical dress and vintage inspired outfits. I'm also not a big comic book fan, anime fan, or Disney fan, so cosplay rather eluded me....

....until now.

This year's pool party theme at Costume College was "It's a Mod Mod Mod Mod World." 1960s. Groovy. I have a few vintage 1960s pieces that would've been perfect, but I knew there was one thing and one thing only that I would wear.


A couple years ago, for some reason (Halloween? Racecars?) I bought a leather jumpsuit off eBay. Real leather! It was way too baggy, so I ripped the lining out and had a go at it on my trusty home Singer, and turned it into the tighter-than-skin-tight catsuit I had imagined.

And then never wore it.

Two years later, I pulled it out for the CoCo party, intending to go as Emma Peel, from the 1960s UK television show "The Avengers." Diana Rigg, being the bombshell she was (and still is) has always been an inspiration to me (married James Bond, drove a Lotus, killed Joffrey), and I just loved her funky leather spy-suit in The Avengers, before her costumier took her more mod in polyester and color blocking.

eeeeegads! Diana Rigg wanted to differentiate herself from Honour Blackman, the previous female lead in The Avengers, and the first to wear the leather jumpsuit, so as the series and the '60s went on, Emma Peel wore less leather and more of.....this....
Hell, I already had the jumpsuit, so why not? I teased a red wig from Arda Wigs into shape, found some tight, pointed-toe boots with a low heel on eBay, and applied a sinful amount of black eyeliner. DONE!

Will I ever wear this again? Maaaaaybe :-). It was surprisingly comfortable (thank goodness for real leather) and even if I don't have the best body for it, I felt pretty schmexy. <3


  1. With a few tweaks you could re use it for a black widow cosplay too.
    I also have trouble with recreateing costumes exactly its why I do rule 63 (female version of male characters) as it allows some creative leeway.

  2. You look great! The costume looks really accurate.

  3. I am a little bit confused by your statement - "...don't have the best body..." because I am like "DAAAAMMMN! You look FABULOUS. A modern Emma Peale.

  4. "You don't have the best body for it" What?! You're smoking in that leather suit!! You rock that look ✌❤

  5. Reading late and without my glasses on, I thought for one second you had LEASED a wig, which ... erp. :)

    And take it from a post-middle-aged lady for whom diet and exercise appear to have become a meaningless waste of time: you have a darling figure my dear. (I am old enough I can finally say "you have a darling figure dear." This makes me inordinately happy.)

    1. DLM, i was thinking the same thing...Not really have the figure for it???Are you kidding me? you are a gorgeous sexy beast!! And i am an old lady who can tell people they are a sexy beast. ;)Kat

  6. Now, I kind of want to see you and your body doubles all dressed up in the different various Emma Peel outfits. There could even be some cross-dressed stunt double versions.

  7. WOW This looks fab...even has the same zipper details! It looks like it was custom made for you :) Great tailoring work!! Nice wig and boots too.

    Best wishes,

  8. Lure you really are all Class. Emma Peel Diana Rigg was the absolute last word in phuqueyoufantasticallycool and GO YOu for choosing her! you look every bit the lethal weapon she was, too <3

  9. You look fabulous (and don't for a minute believe that you don't have the figure for it!).

  10. Awesome! Diana Rigg as Emma Peel was my girlhood idol. (I'm very old) You did a great job!

  11. honey, you are rocking the Mrs. Peel look. it's amazingly great. NEVER doubt how groovy you are.

  12. Emma Peel was the coolest BAMF on British TV. I'm a huge fan and you're doing it justice :) And you most definitely have the figure to wear skin-tight leather. :)

  13. Woohoo! You absolutely rock that look! Hot hot hot. And sewing leather is a different kind of challenge, so kudos for getting such a perfect fit.

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  15. Honey that costume is fabulous.
    Where d’ you get that? I want to buy one.
    I bet that expensive leather squeaks all the time.


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