V218: Costume College 2012: Time Traveler’s Gala

The Gala at Costume College is overwhelmingly awesome.  Everybody turns out with the most dazzling, stunning, out-of-this-world costumery you can imagine.  Here are a few snaps I took tonight…

Yay Northern Nevada! All the Great Basin ladies wore blue and silver for the Gala this year, spanning the centuries.
Christopher in an incredible embroidered silk suit, complete with macaroni hairstylings
The most incredible Georgian wig, tall ship included, of course.
This gown was stunningly beautiful, along with the absolutely perfect hair.
A fully beaded and sequined original Edwardian gown.  Unbelievably beautiful.
Norma Shearer and Theda Bara, black and white film stars of Old Hollywood. 
My mom and I both wore Edwardian in veeerrryyy different ways.
I went for a Gibson Girl hairstyle.  On the left, the structures to help with the high forward pouf.  On the right, taking it down at the end of the night.
The 18th c. gowns were in attendance, all of them incredibly drool-worthy, head to toe.

There is still one day of Costume College left, with a “Sunday Undies” breakfast, and a lovely afternoon Tea, so there are more pictures to come!


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