Miss Fisher’s Fabulous Fashion

I’m *deep* in Costume College prep fog, but I have been winding down my nights watching Season 2 of “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries,” an Australian series that is everything you would ever want a detective show set in the 1920s to be.

Geometric blouse + solid pleated skirt and matching beret or cloche hat = Insta-vintage!

Charming acting, fun mysteries, and good music aside, my favorite thing about Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is Miss Fisher’s fashion. The show is an hour-long feast for the eyes, with drool-worthy dresses, trousers, coats, and hats, OH THAT HATS!

Via Fashion in Nostalgia

One can’t help but feel drawn to dress like Miss Fisher in today’s world. The character’s clothing is refined but bold, elegant but playful, and oddly accessible. A basic pair of wide-legged trousers paired with a geometric blouse, and a deco-trimmed, long jacket will get you most of the way there…

This coat is my *everything* – could you pull this off in today’s world, I wonder?
My favorite outfit from my favorite episode in Season 2 – “Blood at the Wheel” – taking place around ladies’ participation in racing rally cars, 1920s style!

…and don’t forget the cloche hat! It seems to me that a cloche hat is 90% of a 1920s look. A-OK by me – modern ones are easy to find and re-trim, or you can even steam your own straw or felt cloche with just a basic head block.

Chiffon dress or blouse + cloche hat = insta-vintage

So here’s to Miss Fisher’s fabulous fashion buffet. I think I’ll dedicate my Fall wardrobe to being a bit more stylish in her fictional footsteps. How ’bout you?

For more Miss Fisher Fashion, check out my Pinterest board with tons of glorious inspiration!


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