The Silver Ghost 1770s Robe a la Francaise at Costume College

It was a good hair day

 Posting from the future – 2020.

I realize I never completed the project link for the Silver Ghost Francaise. To be honest, I have very few photos of this dress, despite it being one of my favorite costumes ever.

Not the best photo, but at leas a full view of the gown. This was worn over a grand pannier, though I have since altered the pannier in an attempt to avoid the “lampshade” issue near the hem, visible here.

I’ve only worn it once, to Costume College 2015, for the gala. I felt like a queen, all sparkly and shiny in silver thread damask and Swarovski crystals!

Ironed and ready for the gala. It was in a similar pile at the end of the night, too.

2020 update – the gown now lives in a trunk in my living room. It almost certainly doesn’t fit anymore, but being a Francaise, and having kept the extra fabric (of which there is a lot), I am confident I can alter this creation to fit again, just like mantua-makers did in the past.

Then perhaps a “proper” photo shoot! 

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