Vintage Halloween: Pierrot the Adorably Sad Clown

I seldom make costumes for Halloween, or even ever dress up, but this year I’m going out dancing with a friend, and I need, well, something.  I’ve been thinking about making a Pierrot costume for years, but the moment never came…until now!

So, sometime between the end of my wedding and Halloween, I need to acquire a bunch of white sateen or some such, and make a whole lot of black pom poms.  Here’s the inspo…

Via eBay
from Etsy, but no longer available – etsy seller IrishandMore

Since we’re going to a club, I think I’m going to make little shorts gathered at the legs, so they are puffy, then wear the pagliaccio shirt over them.

Traditional pagliaccio – via

I hope this is as easy as it seems.  Here’s the pattern I plan to use:

via Etsy

I’ll just cut the pants off short and gather them on elastic.  The rest should be pretty straight-forward 🙂


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