Oxblood Stratford Elizabethan Shoes ON SALE

I know many of you have been patiently waiting, so here’s the official announcement:

Oxblood Stratford Elizabethan Shoes are on SALE at

We have a new shipment of oxblood Stratfords arriving next month. The first run ran a half size small, and we’ve corrected the sizing issue in this next lot. We can’t mix the two batches, so we’re clearing out the oldies to make room for the new.

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The Stratfords are some of the most beautiful and accurate shoes we’ve ever produced. Designed in collaboration with artisan historic cordwainer Francis C. Classe, the all-leather Stratfords feature a continuous leather sole, historic slashing pattern, and welt stitching details.

A portion of every sale goes to support Francis in his research and recreation of 16th and 17th century shoemaking practices and techniques. Without independent scholars like Francis, we would have precious little information on early footwear and how it was made.

The sale runs until we’re sold out. We have about 30 pairs left in a selection of sizes. Remember that this original run of Stratford runs a half size small – be sure to size up when ordering!*

*Stratfords are B width (average). If you are B width, order a half size up. If you are C width, order a full size up and add shoe stretch spray to your order. With all-leather construction and no vamp seaming, Stratfords can be stretched for width.


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