Edwardian Beaded Shoes

Sep 27, 2013 20 comments
Manchester, 1900, Austrian
The pinnacle of footwear styling in the Edwardian period was The Beaded Shoe.  Nothing is quite so lovely, so sparkly, so special, and so enticing.  Beads could be found on both shoes and boots, and accentuated the already gorgeous cut- and strap-work that was so popular at the time.  Here's a look at what's inspiring my grey matter today:

Shoe Icons, 1900-1915
Maria Niforos, c. 1900
The Met, 1910s
The Met, c. 1916
The Met, 1915-20
The Met, 1915 - these are suede
The Met, 1906 - look at that little web of seed beads between the straps!
Vintage Textile, but I believe the record is no longer online - via
Also from Vintage textile, with a missing record
In today's world of shoes, with studs and sparkles to be seen all over, you'd think something like this would be possible to manufacture, so we're going to give it a try. :-)


  1. LOVE beaded shoes!!! And these vintage styles are simply yummy

  2. YES, PLEASE! (sorry to yell, but seriously....!) O_o dear gods, yes.

  3. Especially the boots. Sorry was so over whelmed I lost my mind for a minute and forgot to say OMG the boots! O_o

  4. What lovelies! Loving the third from the bottom.

  5. This is SO exciting!! I am over the moon!!

  6. Yes please, these would be on my husband's credit card before he knew what hit him. :)

  7. All are gorgeous....a pair in off white for summer linen dresses please....love it

  8. Oh my yes!!! Laaaaaaa!!! You will make them divine!!!!

  9. These are so gorgeous! I love all the teardrop cutouts and the straps!
    It's great to see that so many of these have contrasting beads, since shoes are dyeable and glass beads aren't.

    I LOVE those boots.

  10. Absolutely love the pink shoes with the blue buttons! Love them all but those ones speak to me.

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  12. I love these shoes but I have always wondered whether there is a chance (or not) that dress fabric might get stuck because of the beads?


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