Tavistock Button Boots Steampunk Photoshoot at the Sparks Museum

May 7, 2013 10 comments
It's been *ages* since Chris, Angie, and I did this Victorian / Steampunk photo shoot for Tavistock, featuring the "Green Acres" gown, and, of course, our new black button boots.  I've been aching to share the pictures with you, and indeed you've probably seen banners and whatnot on Facebook and the website, but just in case you missed the festivities, here are some more...

One of two banners for the website (my favorite one) and a good view of Angie in The Dress
Thought the Green Acres dress is historical, we went with a distinctly Steampunk theme for this shoot, with some excellent accessories from couple Etsy sellers (see below), and, of course, the beautiful V&T train in Victorian Square, Sparks, NV.
My favorite shot of the day - Steampunk in the engine room of the antique locomotive
That "Watch Your Step" stenciled text was serendipity

Model: Angelica Diaz
Photography: Chris Stowell
Dress: Lauren (that's me!)
Shoes: "Tavistock" by American Duchess
Hat: MsPurdy on Etsy
Necklace: Arthlin on Etsy
Shot on Location on Victorian Square, Sparks, NV

Now for some fresh-squeezed news: "Tavistock" is now available to Pre-Order in dyeable Ivory!  This is a LIMITED PRE-ORDER - I've already ordered these boots, they'll be here at the end of May, and the stock numbers are set, so if you want to get in on these, place your order now (you also get a nice discount for being so cool).  Last time, we ran out of black Tavistocks in many sizes before they even arrived! Click Here


  1. Beautiful images, what a great location. The dress and its colour are gorgeous.

  2. Ordered mine! Next up, the embroidered mules!

  3. These are awesome photos. Thanks for sharing!
    I've ordered my ivory Tavistocks, too! I can't wait to get them in.

  4. So glad you posted these! What great pictures.

  5. Ooh extra purty. Love the one where Angelica Diaz looks super tall as she holds onto a handle at the back of the train car.

    Counting the months until there's another order for black Tavistocks: this time I'll order mine wayyyyy early!

    Very best,


  6. Thanks everyone! I am glad you like the Steampunky shoot. We had a fun time putting it together :-)

  7. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. What else can I say? Wish I could afford one of each color.

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