V353: 1920s Knickers Pattern

Jan 11, 2013 9 comments
Hi all!  Miss Emily, of My Vintage Visions Blog, sent over this adorbs little original 1920s knickers pattern.  Aren't these just sweet?  /want/

I'm off to cut my hair like the illustrated model on the pattern there.  Maybe I'll make some knickers when I get back, and run around the house singing "Chicago" show tunes, teehee!


  1. I really appreciate that you share all the great vintage patterns you find. Thank you!

  2. How cute! I've always wanted a 20s bob and I've been thinking I'll get myself one once my pixie cut grows out enough!

    1. Go for it! I love that this style is *still* popular 90 years on.

  3. I have a great little pair of peach silk tap pants that look to be like this pattern, but shorter, and here's the beauty part... They're cut on the bias!!! Very drapey and not gathered at the bottoms. Adorable little embroidered blossoms with French knots on the outer legs. Wish my camera and computer skills would allowme to send you a pic! My guess is 1930s.
    Thanks so much for sharing this!
    Nancy N

  4. Thank you for sharing this pattern.

  5. They have it coming, they have it coming, they have it coming all along...if you'd a been there, if you'd a seen it, you know it deserves a sew-a-long! ;-)

  6. This really is a great little pattern. Would love to see the finished pair to you make them. Thanks for linking back to me!


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