V321: An Excursion to The Great Dickens Christmas Fair

Hi all! I’m down in San Francisco land with a whole wad of my favorite people, not least among them The Laced Angel, and Serendipitous Stitchery, the latter of which came all the way out from Tennessee and made a ridiculously stunning 1840s costume to boot.  We’re taking the Great Dickens Christmas Fair by storm, causing mischief, breaking hearts, being generally goofy.  Ah, good times.  Here are a scant few photos from the day…

me and my bestie Maggie, all a-bonnet
Had to take a photo of this – the inspiration for the name of the new button boots come soon 🙂
Maggie coercing poor Jessie into tying her cute little booties
Curtis posing in his Dark Garden Corsetry window.  I love that Dark Garden not only uses live models in their display windows, but that they include men in that lot as well – historical!
Myself and the charming and talented Mr. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who left a wake of broken-hearted females wherever he went, and also taught a nice figure drawing class in the Adventurer’s Club Pre-Raphaelite Salon. 

I wore a…thing…I’ll tell you about it later. 🙂


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