V321: An Excursion to The Great Dickens Christmas Fair

Nov 25, 2012 9 comments
Hi all! I'm down in San Francisco land with a whole wad of my favorite people, not least among them The Laced Angel, and Serendipitous Stitchery, the latter of which came all the way out from Tennessee and made a ridiculously stunning 1840s costume to boot.  We're taking the Great Dickens Christmas Fair by storm, causing mischief, breaking hearts, being generally goofy.  Ah, good times.  Here are a scant few photos from the day...

me and my bestie Maggie, all a-bonnet
Had to take a photo of this - the inspiration for the name of the new button boots come soon :-)
Maggie coercing poor Jessie into tying her cute little booties
Curtis posing in his Dark Garden Corsetry window.  I love that Dark Garden not only uses live models in their display windows, but that they include men in that lot as well - historical!
Myself and the charming and talented Mr. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who left a wake of broken-hearted females wherever he went, and also taught a nice figure drawing class in the Adventurer's Club Pre-Raphaelite Salon. 
I wore a...thing...I'll tell you about it later. :-)


  1. Love the photos! Yet again, I want all the clothing, and really wish I was there! So lovely!

  2. I NEED Rossetti to give me some drawing lessons! ;_;

  3. My dear Dante! I must get a photo with him at some point of the run. And Lizzie Siddal! I portray her at the Dickens Fair! Getting into her work and it's quite wonderful. Good to see you in London, Duchess!

    1. Yes, you of all people must have your picture taken with Mr. Rossetti!

  4. I'm going this weekend! It's always a hoot!

  5. You met Dante Rossetti. SO JEALOUS!!
    Wow, that looks like fun! And your dress is very nice.

    1. Mr. Rossetti is a good friend of mine! If you make it to Dickens, do say hello to him :-)


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