Friday, November 23, 2012

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V320: American Duchess "Let It Snow" Holiday Sale!

My Dears, it's time!  Jump right in to your holiday shopping (and send your hubbies and boyfriends this-a-way) - I've put just about everything in the shop on sale!

And now for some pretty, wintry photos from our Winter Wonderland shoot, just to get you in that holiday mood...

Model: Lauren Wills
Costuming, Styling, Set Design: Lauren Elizabeth
Photography, Lighting, Set Construction: Chris Stowell
"Fleur" Buckles and "Pompadour" Shoes by American Duchess



  1. Lovely--have you considered making gloves to sell?

  2. The photo shoot looks just wonderful!

  3. I would LOVE a source of quality historically accurate gloves! I hate squeezing my chubby arms into shiny stretchy opera-length gloves for balls, and they just never look correct. And the fingers are always too long for my stubby digits. Sigh.

  4. Very beautiful habit and model! ;-)
    Greetings from Italy!