V322: Another Day at Dickens Christmas Fair, San Francisco

Nov 27, 2012 13 comments
I'm back from S.F. now, but here are some photos from our second day at Dickens...

Maggie's puffy puff-butt in the morning.  I found this endlessly amusing.
Maggie's costume was divine - she built all the proper 1840s underwear as well as the ridiculously splendid jacket, bonnet, and skirt.
Maggie's bonnet was made from the Lynn McMaster's pattern.  She reported difficulty, but in the end it looked fabulous
More adoration of Maggie - she accessorizes like a pro - a vintage rabbit fur muff, a silk plaid reticule, mink collar, and The Doctor in miniature, pinned to her jacket.
Here's Chrissy posing in her Dark Garden Corsetry window, with a laundry maid theme.
Chrissy did a fantastic job in her window, and held her poses despite the goofy faces and hijinx going on outside,.
I didn't know the lovely lady in the opposite window, but she performed a set of poses with a little birdcage, and looked gorgeous.
I absolutely adored the Ballet Russe performance - so funny!  For those of you who haven't seen it, well...yeah, those are cymbals all over their bodies, hehe.
I was so honored to meet Vienna La Rouge of The Austrian Woman blog, as well as  Cait of Curse Words and Crinolines (didn't get a picture with her :-(  ).  They are both splendidly beautiful, graceful, and incredibly constumers.
My costume this year was "Frankenstein's Monster."  What started out to be a quick-and-easy throw-together using a pattern I knew already fit and was simple, I managed to run out of fabric, and had to get creative with piecing (the under piece of the sleeves look like Catwoman sewed them together).  It somehow ended up fitting, and I even kindof like it.
I wore a collection of skirt supports instead of a hoop, and borrowed the lovely bonnet from my mum.  Plain though it ended up to be, I didn't have any pain, pulling, pinching, or limited motion, so I count this one as successful.


  1. Yay! It was such a pleasure to meet and hang out with you and Maggie. I'm looking forward to next time, and I will definitely try to make the next Costume College a priority on my schedule.


  2. I love your friend Maggie's outfit. I adore the 1840s! And The Doctor in miniature? Awesome! Which Doctor?

    You look great too!

    1. Maggie's miniature Doctor is her fiance, http://regencydoctor.blogspot.com/

    2. My first assumption was that The Doctor was Doctor Who!!!

  3. Thank you Lauren for your wonderful words!! It was so great to finally meet you and then to have time to sit and chat for a bit.aggrieved was an absolute delight too!
    I look forward to when we can meet again, and I'm sure I can drag nicole to costume collage next year ;)

    1. Likewise! I will see you at CoCo. I can't wait to see what splendid clothes you create for this year's theme :)

  4. Are Maggie's undies from Simplicity's 9769? I just ordered that pattern! How did she like it?

    Adi (basicallycreativeme.blogspot.com)

    1. I am not sure which pattern she used, but you can ask her - here is her blog : http://serendipitousstitchery.blogspot.com/

    2. I'm almost completely certain that she did. I have made the pattern before and it is very complicated. If you're going for utilitarian undergarments for the Victorian era, look around for Elizabeth Stewart Clark's free patterns. She has instructions for drafting one's own (very very easy!) and they are a lot more simple than the Simplicity pattern.

  5. Yes, they were the simplicity pattern and they went together like a very simple dream!

  6. I'm pleased that the lady in the first photo is wearing the two garments correctly.
    Scott B. Lesch



  7. What pattern did you use for the "Frankenstein" outfit? It came out adorable! :)


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