V318: Behind The Scenes at Our Winter Wonderland Photo Shoot

Nov 20, 2012 21 comments
The original concept sketch for the Winter Wonderland set
I've been *SO FLIPPIN' BUSY* trying to get everything done for the photo shoot yesterday.  I finished the blue riding habit, with its ten tons of silver trim, and Chris and I built a snowy landscape in our garage, er, I mean photo studio, *cough* .

Acres of silver trim put on by hand.  It took forever, but looks great, and stiffened the front of the bodice considerably.
For the cuffs, I used some of the vintage lace I bought at Costume College.  I didn't have time to make a proper shirt for underneath - that's for later, along with a gilet.
It took a long time - we made aspen trees out of rolls of corrugated cardboard packing, faux painted them, and suspended the on lines of string tied across the top of the garage door frame.

"Aspen tress."
Me painting the trees at 10 pm
It didn't look like much to start with
We also hung pretty blue ornaments, strung cotton balls on fishline, and spread out a massive piece of cotton batting on the floor, along with quite a lot of "snow" made from recycled plastic bags.  The dogs loved that far more than I've loved vacuuming it up after they carried it all over the house.

Historical Dog plunked herself down on the snow and wouldn't move for anything.  She was kindof grumpy all through the shoot.
The beautiful and talented Lauren Wills was our model.  She fit into the riding habit perfectly, and looked stunning with her lightly powdered red hair tucked under the tricorn.  Chris worked his magic with the lighting and through the lens, I directed, and Avi staged a protest by refusing to leave the snowy forest.

Chris photographing Lauren W.  Historical Dog was so bored she fell asleep

I can't wait to show you the resulting photos from this shoot! These are just my behind-the-scene snaps, but Chris' shot promise to be full of sparkly holiday goodness. :-)


  1. The riding habit is gorgeous, and Historical Dag only adds to the scene!

  2. How brilliant is that? I love how the "trees" turned out, so clever. The silver trim on the habit makes it look extra snowy. I eagerly await the non-the-behind-the-scenes pictures!

  3. The riding habit is beautiful and so is the set!

  4. AVI!!! Your dog is so beautiful and hilarious.

    Also, that riding habit looks FAB, and I love how the trim turned out.

  5. Can't really blame Historical Dog. That 'snow' looks good enough to make snow angels in. Can't wait to see and squeel over the pictures!

  6. Ohhhh that habit is STUNNING!!! I can't wait to see the end photos. Her red hair really does look fabulous with the icy blue and you did a great job on the set :)

  7. This was a really nice shoot. As Fine art student who loves details, history and costumes I was wondering what would be the best project for a beginner wanting to get into costume. Also is your primary job costuming.

  8. Wow, this already looks sooo promising! Can't wait for the photos, please share ASAP!!! :)


  9. Gorgeous, can't wait to see the result :) love the dog too, I wish my cat can do the same ^^

  10. Great work on the trees - what a painstaking job! And the dog is something else :) got so much "icy aloofness" it could be a cat.

  11. It all looks gorgeous, the dress has come out beautifully. I can't wait to see the finished pictures in all their Christmassy glory. :-)

  12. WOW! What artistry! I thought for sure you'd cut down a few dozen saplings! The dress is spectacular. Maybe the Historical Pooch wanted a little blue habit too?
    Happy T-G,
    Auntie Nan

  13. Wow! You really work hard on your sets!

  14. I've wanted to do a winter setting for bustle era pictures for forever and am definitely inspired by you and your beautiful setting.

  15. I saw the finished photos first and thought they were just so beautiful and professional. I wished to know how it was done behind-the-scenes, then scrolled down to find your post about that. Thank you for posting that! I can't believe those trees aren't real.

    The dress is gorgeous.

  16. Utterly gorgeous and show-stopping. Here's to garage photography! You really take the cake, and the riding habit is fabulous. Brava!

  17. Very beautiful habit and model! ;-)
    Greetings from Italy!

  18. Hi I'm sorry that I'm replying to your post 3 years later but I just came across your site. This set looks wonderful. I wanted to know where can I see the finished photos from this shoot. It looks amazing.


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