V275: How to Take In-Focus Detail Photos With Any Point-and-Shoot Camera

We’ve all seen pictures like this, most frustratingly on eBay and Etsy.  Don’t fall victim to the blurry detail shot!

Today I’m going to share the secret of taking up-close, in-focus photos.  As costumers, we love sharing the details of our creations, but it can be frustrating to get get a clear photo of that line of stitching, or the pleaty-trim on the neckline.  Well here’s how…

The magic button is the “Macro” button, found on all point-and-shoot cameras.  It looks like a flower.  Here it is on mine…

It is not in the same place on all cameras, but all point-and-shoot cameras do have it (this excludes camera phones, although some of them may even have it).  When you click this button, your camera’s brain now knows to focus very close up on things like flowers, bugs, ribbon trims, eyeballs, etc.

When you take your photo, move the camera close up to the object and click the shutter release button down half-way.  This will focus the lens, and with most cameras you get a little noise and a box in the viewfinder to let you know it’s focused.

In-focus where you want, with a little depth-of-field for extra win.

Take the picture, and revel in the sharp, in-focus glory of your detail shot.  You can see the massive difference it makes between this shot and the first one at the top of this post.  You can even see the dog hair stuck to the bow.

And that’s it!


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