V245: Floral Gowns of the 1770s (and a little 1780s too)

Met – 
1770s-80s gown, remodeled from c. 1740s silk

Happy Saturday!  Chris and I have been working overtime packing up Pompadours and white Kensingtons to ship out, so I’m a bit fried, but here are some pretty 1770s floral gowns to inspire you…

Cotton/linen gown c1774, Met Accession Number: 26.38a–d.  Floral cotton/linen wasn’t just for the light-of-ground.  This is a beautiful example of a darker chintz
Robe a la polonaise ca. 1776-80 From the Museo de la Moda
Robe a l’anglaise ca. 1770 From Artfund
Robe a la polonaise ca. 1780, Musée Galliera, Paris – is it a floral? is it a stripe?  Ooo, BOTH!
Polonaise gown, painted silk from the V&A; museum, 1780s.
MFA -Dress (robe à la française) French, 1775 Cotton – interesting bordered, floral petticoat.  I wonder if they were made to go together, or if this was styled from separate pieces, by the museum
LACMA – Robe a la Francaise, British, 1760-70. Chain-stitch silk embroidery on cotton twill, linen lining. 
c. 1770 (fabric: c. 1740)-England
Met – Robe à l’anglaise (that has been polonaised – see here for explanation) French | c. 1780 Silk.  One of my favorites, maybe because the museum styled it with Historical Dog included, haha  


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