V245: Floral Gowns of the 1770s (and a little 1780s too)

Sep 1, 2012 4 comments
Met -  1770s-80s gown, remodeled from c. 1740s silk
Happy Saturday!  Chris and I have been working overtime packing up Pompadours and white Kensingtons to ship out, so I'm a bit fried, but here are some pretty 1770s floral gowns to inspire you...

Cotton/linen gown c1774, Met Accession Number: 26.38a–d.  Floral cotton/linen wasn't just for the light-of-ground.  This is a beautiful example of a darker chintz
Robe a la polonaise ca. 1776-80 From the Museo de la Moda
Robe a l’anglaise ca. 1770 From Artfund
Robe a la polonaise ca. 1780, Musée Galliera, Paris - is it a floral? is it a stripe?  Ooo, BOTH!
Polonaise gown, painted silk from the V&A; museum, 1780s.
MFA -Dress (robe à la française) French, 1775 Cotton - interesting bordered, floral petticoat.  I wonder if they were made to go together, or if this was styled from separate pieces, by the museum
LACMA - Robe a la Francaise, British, 1760-70. Chain-stitch silk embroidery on cotton twill, linen lining. 
KCI  c. 1770 (fabric: c. 1740)-England
Met - Robe à l’anglaise (that has been polonaised - see here for explanation) French | c. 1780 Silk.  One of my favorites, maybe because the museum styled it with Historical Dog included, haha  


  1. All so gorgeous! They almost, ALMOST distract me from my constant state of thinking about the Pomps in the mail. You can tell in that last picture that yet again it's a case of the age-old "I love you dog, but DON'T GET HAIR ON MY DRESS!!! :("

  2. I adore that striped floral. It's beautiful.


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