217: Costume College Day 1: Ice Cream Social, Yay!

Costume College is *awesome* !  So far I’ve met tons of wonderful people, learned all about proper sleeve drafting, altering, and fitting, and made some indestructible 1770s rolls to clip into future huge poufs.

The first big event of the weekend was the Ice Cream Social, choc full of beautiful eye-candy all-around.  Here are a few snaps, just a meager cross-section…

Wearing History’s Lauren M in her unbelievably gorgeous plaid bustle gown.
My mom in her Victorian cowgirl outfit
Articulated steampunk wings.  So cool!

The gown in the costume display room, a great change to get up close to some of these incredible ensembles I’ve seen online.
I wore my new robe a l’Anglaise a la Polonaise to the Ice Cream social, and even got to use some of the hair rolls I made earlier in the day, in my hairstyle.


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