V136: Butchart Gardens, The Empress Hotel, and Costumery in BC

The Sunken Garden at Butchart Gardens, planted 100 years ago in a quarry.

The last day of my cruise with Lady Carolyn was spent in gorgeous Victoria, British Columbia.  We visited Butchart Gardens, AKA Paradise, and stuck our heads in the exquisite Empress Hotel.

The Empress Hotel, truly stunning

Carolyn and I dressed 1920s for the day, she in her adorable sporting togs, and I in my tennis dress.

Carolyn – doesn’t this thing go any faster!?
This pathway at Butchart Gardens felt like we’d been transported to Middle Earth

Only one gratuitous flower picture, promise!
A little watercolor painting in the Japanese Gardens.  The whole place was overwhelming – photos and paintings (at least not mine) don’t capture it

For the last evening, Carolyn decided to go out with a bang, and don her enormous bustle gown.  She brought it, why not wear it!  I wore a brown 1950s cocktail dress I made earlier this year, along with the large fur musher’s cap I found in San Francisco.

It was sad to leave the wonderful world of our floating hotel.  We ended in Vancouver, but didn’t get to tour any of the city – straight to the airport and home to Reno, for us.  What an experience, though!


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