V115: Update on “Astoria” Edwardian Shoes

You have all been waiting ever so patiently for the replacement shipment of Astorias to be manufactured and shipped, and for that I am eternally grateful.  Now I have an update for you!

The Astorias (and Kensingtons too) have undergone their first quality control inspection, performed by our outside QA agent, and any shoes that had even the smallest, teeniest  defects were rejected and made over.

Our lovely QA agent will be returning to the production line again on Wednesday, for another inspection, and finally this coming Saturday, to inspect the whole run before approving the shipment.  Once approved, your Astorias and Kensingtons will be merrily on their way over the Pacific to us, and then packed lovingly into their boxes and sent on their ways to you. 🙂

If you would like to get yourself a lovely pair of 100% perfect, 100% calf skin leather Edwardian shoes, you can purchase your pair in the shop, and expect shipment in a couple short weeks. 🙂


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