V116: Finally, My Almost-Complete Titanic Ball Gown

Okay, so it’s *still* not done, despite the event coming up on Saturday, but hey … it’s a costumer’s life, right?

At any rate, it is “very almost” done.  Both sleeves are on, with the hand-rolled hemming, and I even applied the first sequins of my life.  Yay!

See those sequins? I did those!

Now I get to figure out a suitable way of bustling up the train of the skirt, and I also have some neckline engineering to do.  I’m not totally sure how to fix my mistake, but I’m going to try “taping” the neckline first, and also stuffing the bust – so period!

Now that I did some sequins on the front, I want to do more sequins on the back.  SEW ALL THE SEQUINS!!

The event is Gaskells Ball, this Saturday, at the Scottish Rite Temple in Oakland.  A number of ladies have made Titanic gowns, and I’m looking forward to meeting up and seeing the beauty that everyone has created. 🙂


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